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Thread: Back injury from guitar playing....

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    He's dark. He's a man. Darkman's Avatar
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    Back injury from guitar playing....

    Is this a world first? I actually injured my back while guitar playing, and not from posture.

    I was picking particularly hard, pushing my limits on speed. I could feel the strain in my back a bit, but nothing painful. It was the next day I felt like I'd pulled something near my right shoulder blade. And days later it still feels bad. Picking hard now hurts the area, so I'm laying off temporarily.

    I have found that really going for it, picking hard at maximum speed, produces the fastest results. I can see progress day to day. Unfortunately it obviously puts a big strain on all the muscles involved. I didn't expect to feel it in my back though.

    I'm 38, and it's possible I'm more prone to injury than when younger. I don't know. Anyway, just beware of pushing yourself too hard physically.

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    Dec 2007
    Its definately not a world first

    I would argue however that it probably was a posture issue that caused this problem.

    As a rule, If I feel any kind of strain on any part of my body I stop and asess. Sometimes the hands might cramp when working on technique's but if its the shoulder or back or legs ect.. Its worth taking the time to asess the situation. Could you be sitting straighter? Could your strap be adjusted in such a way as to balance the weight of the guitar more? Do you lean into the instrument or slouch? Are your feet flat on the ground when you play or do you cross your legs when sitting? If standing, are your knees slightly bent or rigid? ect.. ect.. All things worth thinking about.

    The human body is amazingly tolerant and adaptive, but the more we can operate in its most natural pose's the better it will work.

    Then again, maybe you are just getting old

    None the less. Hope the pain subsides so you can continue rockin that axe!

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    Then again, maybe you are just getting old.
    Beginning in my late 30's my back starting going out. Just bending over would cause an attack that would last for several days. Now that I look back on it when ever I put on a few extra pounds - and having to carry that extra weight - putting strain on muscles that were not used to doing that probably was the reason.

    Last time it happened I went for therapy and was told I needed to build up my core muscles. Did seem to help.

    Rest now it will get better. Think about some exercise for the muscles you are now using differently.

    Good luck.

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    Sounds like you are putting a lot of tension on your body when you play. If you want to get as fast as possible you have to learn to relax your body and eliminate tension when you play.

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    It seems that you put so much tension on your body that causes this pain. You should have proper posture even though you are at this age. I guess, you need to take some exercise from your back, neck, hands since this are the most useful part when you play guitar.

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