First off, I'm new here. I've lurked for some time.
Primarily I play guitar. I have a few years experience with the instrument and am fairly well versed in music theory (in college I lied about my major so I could take advanced music courses for a few semesters even though I was an English major).

But anyway, my initial post is perhaps rather unorthodox, being that it's about electronic composition...
Basically, I'm taking a little break from running scales and patterns with my guitar for hours every day, I've decided to give Max/MSP a shot at some of that free time.
I'm primarily familiar with it through Jim O'Rourke and Christan Fennesz, and am really fascinated by it's capabilities. I've been listening to much more atonal compositions and improvisations lately, and want a hand at something that'll maybe help push my ideas on the whole field of experimental music.
Problem is, I d'know where to start! Anyone here have much experience or advice on starting out? I'm pretty competent at learning new things like this, but I'd like to start out down a solid tutorial into more complicated grounds.

Has anyone here used much in the way of computer programs? I don't want to invest much money 'til I understand them better, but Max really interests me and seems like a good place to start.