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Thread: terminology question.

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    Nov 2009

    terminology question.

    My question is this - in a progression such as vi-ii7b-V7-I or maybe ((ii7b)-Ic-V7-I) - what does the small -b- and -c- mean. If this has been covered previously I'm sorry as I've only just joined. I'd be grateful if anyone can enlighten me on this. Thank you in anticipation.

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    The "b" could mean two things but not quite the way you have written it.

    1. vi-bII7-V-I simply meaning the ii is flattened. So if this were in the key of C the chords would be.

    Am7- Db7- G7- Cmaj7 (bit of an odd progression though. maybe it would make sense if there was a D7 before the Db7 )

    2. vi-II7b9-V-I in this case the "b" is at the end of the roman numeral followed by a 9 meaning dom7 with a b9 extension. It could be followed by any number of extensions though..

    Am7- D7b9- G7- Cmaj7. This is a more typical sounding turnaround.

    As for the "c" I cant say I have encountered that one, or if I have I simply cant remember it If it does mean something I'm sure JonR or ChrisJ would have the answer.

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    Nov 2009
    Firstly thank you for your reply, I picked this up on a piece about four part chorale writing, as you say by flattening the ii chord you do get an odd sounding close so I don't think that's it. I actually copied and pasted this directly from the site where I saw it first so I am presuming the way it's written is correct. I'm beginning to think along the lines now as to whether the b may mean a first inversion and the c a second. I tried this and it sounded quite acceptable. It's driving me nuts!! again thanks a lot for your help.

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    This does seem like inversion symbols to me - although I'm no expert on choral writing.

    Scroll down to the last paragraph here, on roman numeral notation:

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    Nov 2009
    Thanks Jon R , I'll check out the link you gave, at the moment it's opening but won't scroll so I'll check it later. Much appreciated.

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