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Thread: Tyrone Wells guitar

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    Tyrone Wells guitar

    My friend made me a mix with Tyrone Wells’ song, “More” off his new album “Remain”. I can’t stop listening to it!!! I’m still trying to figure out the chords, but it really puts me in the right mood. I hope I can catch him on tour---he’s really going almost everywhere! Anyone else think they’ll go?? http://www.tyronewells.com/tour.aspx

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    Wow, it is a great reference... Hope can get more and more, I just need to download some good guitar music to play in a CD player in my office. Any referece...
    Aronald, Hidden Content

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    Your real name is Tyrone Wells and I claim my £5!

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    Yes this does look a bit like shameless self promotion .... if it it is, then please don't do it. Cheers, Ian.

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