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Thread: A new innovative way to compose music!

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    Lightbulb A new innovative way to compose music!

    Are you in a musical slump? Lacking creativity? Feel like all your ideas have been done? Or perhaps you don't know what you should do in your musical peice next. Fear no more. This is an extremely helpful solution to any of your musical problems.

    Although it may seem random, the solution is found in a cup with 12 peices of 1cm x 1cm paper with a different note written on each one until you have all the notes inside a cup. This is where the fun begins...

    You first choose the number of bars your progression is going to consist of. Let's say you have an 8 bar progression that you wan't to loop. What you would do is, randomly pick 8 notes from the cup and place them on a surface in the order you picked them in. The cool thing is that each of the notes have to contribute to the new chord somehow, whether if it's in an extention, the root or the dominant, doesn't matter it just has to be a part of that chord. This let's your imagination run wild because you virtually can resolve each chord anyway you'd like to but that note has to remain in the chord.

    The cool thing about this is that after you start using the cups and you get a cool progression happening and you have an idea of what you want to come next, go for it! You're not restricted to using the notes from the cup. Although this may seem like I'm contradicting myself, I'm not. The whole idea of this cup is to provide you with ideas, and since you're in control you can do basically whatever you want but if your mind is still blank, you keep on using the cup. Then once you get your progression, you can transpose to whatever key you would like to or put the progression in roman numerals.

    So go out there and compose, because if you were ever wondering what you should do next, you don't have to wonder anymore! Give this idea a spin! The results are amazing!
    The reign continues...

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    i ate the cup...it was stirowfoam...yum...

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