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Thread: tennor madness

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    tennor madness

    i was wondering if anyone could help me find a backing track for the song ' tennor madness ', i need it for a school performance thats due asap!!! since im a slack *** and didnt bother to get it ages ago. or even if someone knows the backing guitar part could they mabey record it themselves?!?! any input would be much appreciated.
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    some guy Doug McMullen's Avatar
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    Hey -- I don't know if you read this before I edited it or not but I just went to the car and listened to Tenor Madness (have the cd in the car) and, chord wise, it sounds to me like Tenor Madness is about as straight up a jazz blues as it comes.... I'm leaving up the info in my original posts ... but truth is, for Tenor Madness you don't need any special backing track at all and shouldn't pay for one unless it's something you really want to check out... for practicing Tenor Madness ... just about any standard 12 bar perky jazz-blues backing track will do.

    I7 IV7 I7 I7
    IV7 IV7 I7 I7
    IIm7 V7 I7 V7

    in C that's

    C7 F7 C7 C7
    F7 F7 C7 C7
    Dm7 G7 C7 G7

    If you have any uptempo jazz blues backing tracks -- you can play the melody of Tenor Madness to them.

    I looked around the web and found ton's of rock blues jam tracks but nothing that really fit for Tenor Madness... the closest thing I found was at bluesbarn --

    there's a loopable jam track for a clarence gatemouth brown song called Front Burner frontburner is on this page, it's a jam loop that will work (I think, I haven't played with it, just sung the melody with the track and it seems to work out -- but I'm sort of fudging the last four bars because I don't have them memorized) as a practice track for tenor madness but the rockblues style turnaround isn't really right.

    At any rate, again, good luck

    ==============below this line is original message=========

    Here's a link to a Jamey Aebersold book that has _great_ musicians playing a backing track for Tenor Madness. The downside (other than the 15 dollar cost) ... is that the style of the backing and the tempo of the backing will cut you _no slack_. These tracks were designed with intermediate/advanced level Jazz player in mind. The Tempo is 230 beats per minute (that's fast!) and the accompanient will probably be a lot harder to follow than you're used to.

    The Aebersold books are designed as backing tracks only, so if you're playing the head (the melody) you have either to know it already, or be able to read it from standard notation (which comes with the cd in a booklet.) It's in the key of Bb if I remember correctly.

    Sonny Rollins backing tracks including Tenor Madness

    If that isn't your thing...

    Here's a link to lots of midi files including a midi file of tenor madness. It isn't a backing track (the melody is being played) but if you have software that will let you import midi and turn it into editable notation, you will be able to work with it. Powertab (a freeware program) will do it.

    Midi file of tenor madness

    Good luck have fun.

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