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Thread: Interesting/ wierd chords....

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    Interesting/ wierd chords....

    Im trying to write some cool acoustic style intros. (like diary of a madman kind of thing) does anyone know any interesting/ wierd chords i coould try out? Also, does anyone acually know what the chords are for diary of a madman?

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    i cant really help you because i dont know what sound your looking for. Simply put, if your composing a song you shouldnt just use chords or scales because they are wierd. You should use what ever feels best and has the sound you want, if you are looking for something wierd or interesting just play around with your guitar and make up chords untill you find what your looking for. or go to chordfind.com and look up every chord untill you find what you need.
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    Leo Brouwer

    Personally I'd steal it from the same place Randy did
    Check out some of Brouwer's work, (one my favs) he uses lotta neat chords.
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    hey there... here is a powertab file of the intro chords to Diary of a Madman.. arpeggiate each on and end on that d note...
    the progression (I think) is.. Aadd#4, A7add#4, Adim7, Dm6, Aadd2, Amadd2, Amadd2/G, Fmaj7/6, Eadd2.. something close to that..

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    one way you can come up with cool chords is to take regular open and barre voicings and try changing one or two notes to create new chords. another way is to try and take modes and scales, especially non-diatonic ones (having a guitar grimoire or other scale-dictionary type book helps) and trying to make chords that have extensions exclusive to that mode. for example, here are chords for each diatonic mode:

    Ionian: Maj11 (1-3-5-7-11)
    Dorian: m6/7 (1-b3-5-6-b7)
    Phygerian: maddb9 (1-b3-5-b9)
    Lydian: Maj7#11 (1-3-5-7-#11)
    Mixolydian: dom7 (1-3-5-b7)
    Aeolian: m7b13 (1-b3-5-b7-b13)
    Locarian: m7b5 (1-b3-b5-b7)

    and some of my favorite melodic and harmonic minor modes:
    Dorian #4: m6#11 (1-b3-56-#11)
    Phygerian Dominant: dom7b9 (1-3-5-b7-b9)
    Harmonic Minor: m(maj7)b13 (1-b3-5-7-b13)
    Lydian Dominant: dom7#11 (1-3-5-b7-#11)
    Melodic Major: dom9#5 (1-3-#5-b7-9)
    Melodic Minor: m(maj13) (1-b3-5-7-13)

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