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Thread: Yet another one! :]

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    Wink Yet another one! :]

    Yes, I am yet another new member :]

    My name is Jessie and I'm 17. Why did I come here? Well... iBreatheMusic!! hehe

    Not much to say about myself...since I'm on a music forum guess I'll say how I am musically inclined lol. I started violin in 4th grade - like every other human being, haha - and 9 years later here I am still in the Orchestra program - 1st stand, 2nd chair, 2nd Violin section. I am also in Drumline. I Started Drumline my freshman year of highschool which is the first time I ever even touched a drum haha. I love it! I played bass drum for 2 years and tenor/quads/quits/toms..whatever u want to call them for 2 years as well.

    I tried out for Pacific Crest Drum Corps - for those of you who know what drumcorps is lol...but sadly didn't make the cut this year. I plan on broadening my musicianship throughout the year so I can make a corps next year!! I'm sure this site could help me too!!

    As for the not music side of me (though all of me is music :]]) I enjoy gaming, hanging out with friends and wasting countless hours online

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    Wellcome, whacko!

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