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Thread: Experience Score Sheet (for mental pickup)

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    Experience Score Sheet (for mental pickup)

    Hello again, I was need some suggestions for my latest project. I was thinking that if I had a visual of how I thought I was doing that I would be able to improve more. Plus it would be good for beginers (that's me).

    This is what I have so far:

    Chord Knowledge
    Scale Knowledge
    Fretboard Knowledge

    Bending vibrato
    Whammy Bar

    Other Techniques:
    Pickup switching
    effect timing
    tuning ability

    This is just a basic list and I would like to add to it. I am a beginner/intermediate player so their are probably a few techniques I ain't up to par on.
    Would like feedback on the "other techniques" section. I put it in their b/c it would be helpful for performing.

    Rock On!

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    It's a good list . . not something I would use personally but we each have our own way. Keep in mind the idea that not all of these things would be weighted equally relative to importance. In fact over time the various weightings will change for you. Additionally, there is a wide variation is difficulty and time required to see marked improvement from item to item.

    For example many guitarists start out feeling that technique is the single most important thing, given their short-term goals, that may be true. But as we progress our sense of what's important changes dynamically and sometimes drasticly.

    My own skill goals are based on musical constructs / aspects only and I don't even practice guitar specific techniques beyond, scales, arps, chord voicings, etc which I consider to be musical constructs. The other technical guitar stuff seems to just develop along the way without specific effort from my perspective.

    Cheers and good luck. Planning is a good thing as long as it serves to focus our efforts and not distract us from our work.


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