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Thread: inspirational music

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    Smile inspirational music

    ive recently been listening to bebel gilberto. has anyone else heard of her? i got a chance to check her latest album, momento, while i was at work (fontana). she has one of the most beautiful voices i have heard that it was inspiring. I write a lot of music and lately have been having a hard to composing. so her music has helped me get back into the swing of things. check her out if you are interested. ill leave a link for you guys. the site actually has all of her latest tracks up.

    i hope it helps


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    I yet have to check her out, but wanted to do so for months - since Iīm a huge fan of Joao & Astrud! :-) You just gotta love that smooth, relaxed bossa and easy listening sound - Iīm totally into that stuff currently!
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