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Thread: Comments and Feedback please

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    Registered User eastwood's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2003
    Birmingham UK

    Comments and Feedback please

    Hi all,

    I recorded a new track last night and I would like some comments / feedback (negative or even postive !)

    Its probably my 12th attempt at home recording and I feel I am learning each time I create a new one. Its quicker than my previous stuff too (recorded around 150bpm)

    I used one overdriven guitar, a more distorted 'scooped' guitar, harmony parts on the riff, keyboard pads and clean guitar on the choruses and some 'tool of ignorance' - some bass guitar ! I'M JOKING !!!!!!

    Anyway heres the link and the track is entitled SCORCHED


    Thanks in advance


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    Chicks dig me Danster's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    South Texas
    Hey Daz,
    You've got talent! Here's my take...

    Chops: Awesome!
    Recording quality/mix: Seemed professional to me
    Vibe: It reminded me of music one would hear during an action scene in a movie, or in a fast-paced video game.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Registered User eastwood's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2003
    Birmingham UK

    Like the 'Chicks dig me' statement under your avatar

    Cheers for the comments.....all the ideas I come up with end up sounding like soundtracks to 80's action / horror movies -

    Being as I'm an 80's teenager I suppose that was always gonna happen......now wheres my skin tight stone washed jeans and leg warmers


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    Registered User Michael. A's Avatar
    Join Date
    Oct 2006
    England, Essex
    Hey cool. You're the dude that added me on Myspace. Cool track.

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    Modally Challenged!!!! mattblack850's Avatar
    Join Date
    Nov 2004
    At the bottom of another Bottle of Brown Ale.
    Not bad Nipper!!!! A definate 80's vibe! I'll get the Aquanet and Tassled Leather back out then!!!

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