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Thread: Diatonic and Harmonic Minors

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    Diatonic and Harmonic Minors

    First of all, what are Diatonic scales...I mean I know all my modes, but what are the diatonic and what do they mean?

    Second, is there a main formula to figure out harmonic scales. FOr example a major is whole whole half whole whole whole half. Is there a similar pattern for harmonics?


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    Diatonic means: composed of half steps and whole steps.
    In discussions about theory it usually is used in the context of somthing being diatonic to a particular scale or key. This means is a sub set of a particular scale or key and doesn't contain notes from outside of this scale context.

    The Harmonic scale is built form the Aeolian Mode by raising the 7th scale degree, this is equivalent to raising the 5th of the Relative major scale. So the pattern of half steps and whole steps is as follows:
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