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Thread: Dorian Chord Prog

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    May 2006

    Dorian Chord Prog

    is this an acceptable chord progression for soloing over in the dorian mode?
    I - II - I - II - III - IV - III - IV
    thanks, Mark

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    Aug 2003
    Sounds good.
    Malmsteen uses the Im - IIm of Dorian over the tonic pedal in the solo section of "Marching Out", one if his best solos.

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    Are you using that with "I" being the first chord in dorian, the minor chord? (As opposed to "I" still being the first chord of a major key, which is a major chord). Then yes. In that situation, the dorian minor chord sounds like it's the tonic, and when the chord progression ends up back on it again, it sounds like an arrival point, rather than feeling like it needs to resolve to something else.

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