HI! it's been a while since I've last written here. I noticed that while I thought that my wrist was moving sideways; in an up-down movements, with little interaction with the rest of my hand. My wrist was actualy moving in a sircular elbow movement! I know that it sounds really vogue so I'll try to explain.
I thought that, when picking, my wrist was moving in an up'n'down motion, on 1 'axis. After experimentation i found that this movement was only possible if the palm is continuing the rest of the hand with a 180 angle at the wrist (a straight wrist) otherewise it simply becomes the second type.
The second type is the sircular movement which I am actually using. We usually use this movement when turning a key in a lock of a door. The source of this movement is not the wrist but the elbow - from the elbow on, the whole hand is turning. I also realised that sometimes (depending on the hands angle) i was using another movement alongside with the second - A sort of 'nocking on a door' movement which comes from the wrist.
I was a little scared because I was always taught that the only right picking motion is the one which comes from the wrist only and leaves the rest of the hand absolutely relaxed. Now I know that this is not always true, but still. I never noticed it before and my question is if you guys noticed these types of picking? what works best for you? and any additional info that you have on the subject.