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Thread: Problem with strings..

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    May 2006

    Problem with strings..

    Hi this is my first thread. I got a new guitar about a 3 months ago and when i play either the B or high E strings on anything below the 5th fret i get this weird buzzing sound like the string is hitting the neck of the guitar. I think its just because the strings are strung too low on the neck. I was just wondering if anyone knows the problem.

    Thanks - Manny

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    Registered User Jacko's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    Sounds like your trust rod may need alittle adjustment, do you know of an experianced guitarist or a good teacher, thats if your not one yourself get them to have a look, things like slight buzzing can often be fixed quite easily, however you need the know-how or else things may go belly up.

    PS. i'm not entierly sure if this counts as a gear question so it may get locked, but there loads of great guys on hear that im sure will help you none the less.
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    Hmmm, could be a truss rod issue, but then again, it might simply be that the action is set just a little low at the bridge. I know, I know, because it only happens below the 5th fret it seems that the neck may be out, but in the lower registers the string actually travels farther with each vibration, which could also cause the buzzing below the 5th fret. If the guitar has an adjustable bridge, I would check that out before messing with the truss rod. If for no other reason than you can do less damage there.

    Also, is it possible that the problem could be technique related? It seems to me I got my strings to buzz a little when I was first learning to finger pick, because I was sometimes pulling up on the strings, causing them to vibrate up and down against the fretboard instead of across it.

    And yes, I think this could be considered a gear question, but it could also be a technique issue.
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    let's just call it a technique issue

    Thanks, i'll bring it in at a music store to get it checked out

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