I notice myself not having that desire and motivation to play too often. There are times where I just have to force myself and even when I do I don't practice guitar thoroughly.

There are days where I will be caught up in reading about politics, and I just have a hard time thinking about playing guitar and making music even when I told myself that I would focus on that and put my heart to guitar playing. There are days where I eat a lot and I start to feel lazy and tired so I don't even bother playing. There are times when there is a basketball or sporting even going on and I just don't feel like playing because I get too distracted by the sporting even. There are times when I have so much homework (I can understand school > guitar, but...), and I just don't feel turned on to play because of the amount of reading I have to do, or whatever.

You see I encounter these situations WAY TOO OFTEN, and I eagerly and honestly want to straighten my guitar life out and really focus on improving my skills. I was wondering what I can do to refocus my attention after digging into politics for hours, and play guitar, and how to make time for guitar when I have lots of hw.

What do you people think I can do?