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Thread: a way to improvise

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    a way to improvise

    Hi guys, before i show you how to do this, please keep in mind that i have been playing guitar for only 2 years, so all you theory and shred experts give me a break if there is a easier way, it's just the way i do things.

    ok, you need to have a rough idea about whereabouts the notes are on the fretboard. My favirote mix is Aminor with Gmajor, so what i do is look for the A and i know that i can play oxooxo etc on that string because that's the intervals for A minor, what i also can do is after i play a some aminor, on the same string or any string with G and i everyone knows the interval for major scales wwhwwwh so you can mix these intervals up and turn it into 1 scale which saves you drooling at scale charts and not learning anything (i used to be guilty), and it dosen't really have to be 2 scales it can be anything in the key of Gmaj or A minor, and i find that it unlocks and develops into your own style. I hope you found this a little bit helpful. And again, please don't rip my head off if there is a easier way or say WELL DUH! Because i'm only trying to help.


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    I think it's a great idea. I was reading about that approach in "The Advancing Guitarist". Single string playing is definitely something to be explored. Congratulations on finding it out on your own. Keep experimenting. No approach is wrong, remember that there are MANY right ways to do something on the guitar.
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