View Full Version : Non chord song tones

05-20-2002, 09:21 AM
Lots of you guys may be having much fun figuring out chords for some song you have heard and want to sing by yourself. What you would mostly likely base your work on is vivid and pretty well heard stressed tones from the melody. Next step would be an arrangement when you feel like making the comping more sophisticated. The most appropriate tools are of course alterating the cord tones and applying some substitutions of the chords you came up with. But what alterations are the most logical given the melody context? The idea I use a lot is to write down a short piece of the vocals and dwell upon non chord tones - passing or whatever which might not keep within the current scale. You'll see that in most cases these "outlaw" tones repeat all through the songs adding 2 or 3 new ones to the plain major or minor which you are free to operate with when you build up chords for your song. These alterations would be rather ear friendly cos they are the part of the melody no matter where they appear. These couple or three of em are the salt 'n pepper to spice your comping with and solo around to freshen it all up. Any more ideas on this matter?