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12-03-2002, 01:04 AM
Hi guys:
You can post everything you want to discuss regarding to the subject: Audioperception. Everything from eartraining to solfeggio. Whatever needs the hability of singing or recognizing the exact pitch of a note, post it here.

Bongo Boy
12-03-2002, 01:37 AM
I think it will be unproductive to try to organize this forum around a single person's classification scheme, Joel. For example, I probably would not think to look under Music Theory for the topic of 'audio perception', or psycho-acoustics. So, I thought it was odd you'd put audio perception here.

But, that doesn't mean it's not a good idea or even a good classification scheme. However, you're attempting, alone (i.e., unilaterally, single-handedly, by yourself) to fundamentally alter the structure of the entire Forums section of the web site. For a better chance of success, please let me suggest another approach.

Why don't you write a suggestion on this topic in the Suggestions & Feedback forum of this site, suggesting, perhaps, the need to either add new forums or to add sub-forums (assuming the software supports that feature)? Making a suggestion this way allows the other members to discuss the topic--what organizational structures make sense to them, what they feel would normally be included in a topic area, why existing forums don't meet a need, and so on.

The advantage to this approach is: any changes made to the forum become longer-lasting and make the most sense to the most users.

Using a specific forum thread as the repository for a broad topic area, as you've suggested (!), changes the nature and expectations of a thread, I think--usually a somewhat focused discussion that generally has a finite lifespan.

Again, I don't mean to say that your idea to set up an area for a range of topics related to audioperception, psychoacoustics or aural psychology is not a good one--I think it IS a great idea. I only suggest that the approach you've taken is not going to be successful, neither from a technical implemetation perspective, nor from a member interaction perspective.

Does this make sense? Your post re: "Theory (general)" now appears to have had the same motivation--and clearly was well-intended. Do you mind moving your ideas for structuring the site over to "Site Suggestions and Feedback" where we can all discuss the need we're trying to meet and the objectives?

Share and test your ideas with the other members--that's why we're glad to have you here.