View Full Version : Quartz/MIDI Sounds?

11-19-2002, 08:51 PM
Hey Folks,

I just installed Quartz on my PC and have been plugging in some of my old Music Theory compositions. I'm finding that the sounds provided by my soundcard are pretty lame. Is there a way to add to your sounds via files (like you do with fonts)? I don't have MIDI equipment to plug into my computer so whatever I can load is what I can use.


11-20-2002, 12:05 AM
If you have a soundfont compatable sound card the answer is yes.

Creative SoundBlaster Live Series has this capability.

11-20-2002, 02:12 AM
How do you actually go about doing that? I am using Sound Blaster Live.


11-20-2002, 02:36 AM
If you click on AudioHQ you will have an icon called SoundFonts.
When you click on it there are three tabs Configure Bank, Configure Instrumnent and Options.
If you have Sound Font files you will need to allocate memory for them on the options tab. Then you can load the sound font using the Configure Instrument tab. Then you can use you midi software to tell the sound card to use the bank you loaded the sound fonts into. And then just select instruments from it like usual, you may need to change the bank select method to use controller 0. I use cakewalk Pro Audio and there is a choice under the File menu Soundfonts When I use this I don't need to mess with the the creative Audio Hq thing at all I just set up my song n Cakewalk to use whatever sound font I want and the jsut select the voices I like. You will need some soundfonts too do a web search on free sound fonts. You will need a good bit of memory in your computer I you want to load large high quality fonts.