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02-27-2007, 02:03 PM

I've been playing guitar for about 6 years and bought a bass 10 days ago and have been practising hardcore. I play some classical and fingerstyle on guitar, so adapting to right hand finger technique for bass has been pretty easy for me (I just need to work on my groove ;)).

However, when I use the bridge pickup, or pluck near the bridge on the A, D or G strings, I get a funny buzzing sound. At first I thought it was because the action was too low, but after raising the action and checking the neck relief I soon realised it wasn't that. The strings also were quite close to the pickups since I lowered the action so I lowered the pickups too...but same problem...it's not a problem with the pickups, because I get the same problem at any string/pickup height (both plugged into the amp and not plugged in).

It's actually my plucking fingers. When I pluck a string I use "rest strokes", where after I pluck the string, my finger follows thru to rest on the string below (except on the bottom E string). If I don't use rest strokes I don't get this noise...I even removed the E string, then tried plucking the A string and the problem wasn't there.

Now, I've read in lots of places that this is the "correct" way to pluck the bass strings, and I've watched a lot of videos and ppl seem to pluck like this.
However, when my finger comes to rest on the string below the one i've just plucked, it creates a noise, and this is the cause of the problem I described above.
You can't really hear this problem when I use the neck pickup and pluck near the neck (which I prefer doing)..but obviously sometimes I'd like to pluck near the bridge, and this problem makes me sound pretty bad.

any ideas on reduces this noise? obviously if rest strokes are the norm, then some amount of noise is expecting from your finger coming to rest on the string..how can i reduce this?

Many thanks!

01-16-2008, 08:20 AM
Virtually everything with active pickups will give you some buzzing. If it is fret noise then you need to either adjust your playing style or have someone experienced with guitar repair set it up right for you. Your fretting hand creates a lot of this noise if you are not holding the string down in the proper position between the frets. Even my MusicMan Sterling buzzes when my hand is not resting on the strings. Try plucking the strings on the neck to quiet this noise substantially. Hope this helps.