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  1. Counterpoint and modes
  2. Can an augmented major third be a perfect fourth?
  3. Creating New Tonal Centers
  4. Theory behind the chords in "My Favorite Mistake"?
  5. Why doesn't the G major pentatonic scale box pattern include the notes C and F#?
  6. anyone know what key this song is in?
  7. Help with one more song please. Some body know the key of the song?
  8. Need help figuring out a Key/Scale
  9. Harmonic Minor/Phrygian Dominant
  10. Automatic Chord Analyser
  11. Books on chord function/analysis
  12. Guitar Fretboard Visualization Tool
  13. Chord guide for feelings?
  14. Generic bass line
  15. Current Online Phone For Sale :
  16. 'Feel' of different intervals in modes other than Major/Ionian
  17. Why...
  18. Relationship between vocal range and keys?
  19. A major and F#minor
  20. Bert Jansch - RIP
  21. Time Signatures and Groupings
  22. need help_Richie Kotzen style
  23. Altered dorian on root dim
  24. Help: what's the function of VII7 (IV7) chords?
  25. Chord Notation ... Terms ...
  26. Harmonizing Modes?
  27. D Dorian's chords
  28. Chord Leading
  29. free chapters from my theory book
  30. Why doesn't a seventh note work here?
  31. Two Chords Unequally Yolked?
  32. Harmonisation for Grade 6 Theory
  33. Vocal arranging
  34. Sus chords???
  35. Chord naming question
  36. Microtonal Music Tutorial
  37. What am I REALLY playing?
  38. Why play melody parts over chords with common tones?
  39. Help with figuring out chord progression from french movie soundtrack
  40. the modes of harmonic minor scale and their application in rock or heavy metal
  41. Harmony on One mo'gin
  42. Key Signatures Question
  43. What Works?
  44. Newbie question about time signatures..
  45. Microtonal Music
  46. Explain the rationale behind using a V7 chord in mnor key
  47. building a melody?(scales)
  48. Musical Modes
  49. song analysis- 500 miles
  50. Interesting Ways to Approach Chord Progressions
  51. Minor scales and modes
  52. "Sweet Love" by Anita Baker
  53. New book on musical time theory
  54. Question about Harmonic analysis
  55. major, minor and pentatonics formulas
  56. Melodic Minor over this borrowed chord from The Beatles?
  57. Minor Scales
  58. Free book (PDF) of scales and modes for guitar players
  59. Chords with notes outside of its mode...
  60. Melodic Minor ?
  61. Harmony et Guitar
  62. Modulating between non-major keys
  63. 3 new questions
  64. Two questions: minor scale - identificaton and modes
  65. Differences Between Extended Chords...
  66. do you choose chords by sound?
  67. The "Science" of Chord Construction?
  68. Can someone recommend a book for me?
  69. Modal progressions
  70. Parallel scales borrowed chords
  71. The Difference Between the Sharps and Flats
  72. Need some clarification on inversions
  73. A question about minor scales
  74. Havin' Fun With Some Intervals!
  75. Borrowing functions
  76. Minor Chord Progressions?
  77. Help needed - Progression harmonic analysis
  78. Beat...Off
  79. Help a beginner out! Basic intervals qn
  80. Modal interchange question
  81. Key identification and functions in progressions
  82. Another small piece for analysis
  83. Naming the triads built on modes
  84. Seventh chords as Roman numerals
  85. Modal Relativity? Please Help...Somebody
  86. Practice the 7 modes with backing tracks
  87. Rhythms?
  88. Theory behind God of Thunder
  89. How to actually apply the Modes when writing music/improvising.
  90. What have I done here?
  91. Why does this chord progression sound good?
  92. What is the scale
  93. Submediant Chord (VI) question
  94. Scale question, please help!
  95. Brackets in music notation - Leavitt Volume 3
  96. Fret board, Octaves, and Notation
  97. Please check I'm on the right track - Analytical notes - grade 7
  98. Rewriting in a New Time Signature
  99. Dorian Mode - funky!
  100. "Key" of E but scale of D ?
  101. Minor.. is confusing me
  102. What passing tones to play over Non diatonic Chords progression
  103. A little help from you friends
  104. what did i used here?
  105. How to use different chord types?
  106. Ways of modulate
  107. Help with which notes these are!
  108. Ways of generate Climax on a song
  109. Good books on "chord progression theory"
  110. Syncopes on harmony changes
  111. Please participate in a 2min listening test!
  112. Finally Finished the Book
  113. Determining the Key; Question
  114. Leading Tones
  115. Quiz coming up, just a quick question on 8'th and quarter notes.
  116. which scale uses jordan rudess in this little fragment?
  117. Romantic Music
  118. Need advanced chord in major(ionian mode)
  119. tri-tone in a V7?
  120. Mapping tonal Harmony for iPad is looking for reviewers
  121. modes in a one chord vamp
  122. How to utilize seventh chords in minor?
  123. Chord substitutions?
  124. Making the Christmas Songs Jazzy
  125. Chord construction
  126. augmented arpeggios guitar question
  127. Modes and 3 nps
  128. G Major modes - how to easily experience the specific SOUND of each mode!
  129. Logic Behind Chords with extensions
  130. Analyzing Melodies
  131. E Hindu Scale!
  132. Melodic construction
  133. Melodic construction
  134. Is sheet music necessary for music play
  135. Modes and my understanding
  136. Music Theory for the Holidays
  137. O Holy Night--Switching to minor for a few bars?
  138. Question about Folk Guitar Players
  139. What are the chords used in the Lydian mode
  140. Which Scale is using Mr.Vai here?
  141. Resolving Flattened Chords
  142. Chord Theory Book?
  143. Harmonic Analysis and Progressions
  144. Modes of the Harmonic Minor scale
  145. Music Theory 4 Part Help
  146. Avoiding a half step under a melody note
  147. Mastering the fretboard
  148. Modulation Cheat Sheet between any two Major scales.
  149. Major Sixth Chord v Minor Sixth Chord ... ???
  150. Metallica The Thing That Should Not Be and The Call Of Ktulu
  151. Left hand voicings and the melody note
  152. Help figuring out key change?
  153. Music theory app now on windows, Mac, iPad and android
  154. In Which Conditions The Perfect 4th Is Consonant?
  155. Some Intervals and Their Consonance & Dissonance Condition
  156. Double Accidentals
  157. Pentatonics are considered symmetrical scales ?
  158. Jazz Fusion Theory
  159. Mixolydian with Harmonic Seventh
  160. Resolved and unresolved chords in the harmonized scale.
  161. The C major chord in "Ashokan Farewell", in D major
  162. Dominant sevenths (maybe a question only for jazz people?)
  163. Intervals
  164. Scales Visuals for Guitar ... Are These Correct?
  165. iiisus4 (or sus2) and viisus4 (or sus2): Are there such things?
  166. Minor 9th Chord (stacking question/problem)
  167. Diminished? Half-Diminished? (stacking question/problem)
  168. University Dissertation.. Please help!
  169. Classical Music Classification Project
  170. Chords, Functions and Harmonic Analysis in all Keys
  171. Mozart harmonic analysis
  172. Can you help idenitfying this chord?
  173. Alien Note
  174. Sequential Repetition
  175. Transposition In Harmony
  176. Open-Tuning
  177. Stuck Again...
  178. Conflict? When Intervals Of Scale Don't Match Intervals Of Chord?
  179. Music theory apps?
  180. Minor pentatonic/blues scale help
  181. Confused About Key
  182. Led Zeppelin Modes Examples
  183. Learn E Mixolydian Mode
  184. Learning the Symmetric Diminished Scale
  185. A Map of 12 tet
  186. Is anyone interested in a new theory that matches with the ear?
  187. Measures with 6/8 and 3/4
  188. Harmonizing The Melody (Parallel Motion)
  189. Jazz Harmony - Extended Chords
  190. List of Tendencies
  191. Street Fighting Man Analysis
  192. is Satriani modulating here???
  193. Metropolis PT. 1-which scale is playing the keyboard player???
  194. Notes With Numbers
  195. II-V-I Practice
  196. Chord Spacing - Open And Close Positions
  197. Motion Between Two Or More Parts
  198. Final Cadences
  199. What is the purpose of studying counterpoint?
  200. Blues Scale and Major Keys - I know it's been asked a thousand times ... but...
  201. practicing triads and interesting pattern when expanding strings to the side
  202. Prohibitions In Four-Part Writing
  203. Using the Altered Scale
  204. Cross-Relation (False Relation, Non-Harmonic Relation)
  205. which scale is using this shredder?
  206. Inversion Of An Interval (The Rule Of Nine)
  207. A new notation for learning music
  208. Perfect unison
  209. Large and small half-steps
  210. What Chord is This?!
  211. Tips on math in music
  212. Lydian Dominant practice jam track
  213. b flat major scale over d minor chord
  214. What time signature is this? Cello by Enescu (from Royal Tenenbaums)
  215. 2-5-1 practice (fast swing)
  216. Free Online Music Theory Tutorials
  217. Intervals: C Major Scale
  218. Having trouble understanding Keys
  219. Principles Of Part Writing
  220. Interval study
  221. Appoggiatura
  222. Passing Chord & Non-Functional (Non-Structural) Chord
  223. Root position and inversions
  224. Modes formulas
  225. New Android app for guitarists
  226. Advise on scales
  227. C Seventh Flat Nine (C7b9) and C Seventh Sharp Nine (C7#9)
  228. All possible chords in the diatonic scale
  229. 4-part Harmony & voice leading
  230. Cadential 6/4 & Passing 6/4
  231. Melody vs chord progression
  232. Harmonic Cadences
  233. Goetschius's Table Of Discords
  234. Figured Bass (Thorough Bass)
  235. Which minor scale?
  236. Choosing the scale to base your composition on
  237. Root doubling with chord inversions
  238. Elaboration
  239. What is being asked in the question in the image?
  240. All interval tetrachord
  241. roman numeral analysis
  242. What next?
  243. Epic music composition
  244. Music Notation
  245. Awesome Phrygian Mode
  246. Guitar centred learning games
  247. Harmonic minor practice
  248. Opinions on a Symphony piece
  249. 30 minute 2-5-1 practice in all keys!
  250. When improvising, at what point do you abandon music theory and .....