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Why Scales? Why Patterns?
James B Schultz

According to Webster the definition of a musical scale is as follows:a graduated series of musical tones ascending or descending in order of pitch according to a specified scheme of their intervals.


NotationTablatureGuitar related
Modal Pentatonics
Eric Vandenberg

Instead of another rant or essay, I talk about something practical once again. In view of several discussions about modes in the forums, I thought I'd talk about modal pentatonics -how to create and apply them as well as what to do with them.


NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related
New Ways to Use Pentatonic Scales
Chris Juergensen

Fortunately, several years ago I realized that my old friend, the minor pentatonic scale can be used in the most interesting ways. It can be superimposed over almost any major, minor or dominant chord to create complex modal harmony.


Guitar related
Rock Guitar Improvisation by Brett Garsed
Eric Vandenberg

This DVD picks up from where the last video left off, revising some of the topics, but also delving into several new areas with additional goodies like live footage and some rare clips.


NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related
Improvising with Exotic Scales - Part 3
Jorge Fernando Maldonado

If you have been following my articles on exotic scales you've probably found out that there are way many possibilities when using exotic scales. In this part I will give you some 'real world' examples ...


Master Theory Class Part 2 - Ionian #5
Paul Nelson

In part 2 Paul chats about Harmonic Minor Scale soloing, chord substitution as well as showing the theory and application to common standard chord progressions.


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