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NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related
Heavier Than Hell
Troy Stetina

Dive into the moshpit with 10 ultra-heavy riffs... The task for this article is clear: root out some of the deepest, darkest, heaviest riffs ever


NotationTablatureGuitar related
Meter, Phrase Displacement, Accent Displacement, Polyrhythm
James B Schultz

What defines meter? How do you know what the meter of a given phrase is? When you listen to a piece of music, how do you decide what the meter is? You listen to the piece to hear repetition and count how many pulses before the pattern repeats.


Lost in Time
Jamie Andreas

It's interesting to think of the ways people speak about time, and their relationship to it. Certainly, the subject of time has been the study of not only scientists in recent times, but even more so by mystics, sages, and saints throughout the ages.


NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related
Heavy Metal - The Rhythm Guitar
Nicolas Meier

Here's a special one. This eBook is a highly comprehensive guide aimed to give you a firm understanding of the different aspects involved in creating your own 'kick-ass' Heavy Metal guitar riffs. 55 pages, 60 Real Audio files and 30 Midi files...


NotationSoundGuitar related
Baba Ghanosh
Steve Carter

Baba Ghanosh came to me one day while I was eating the dip of the same name. I noticed that the name had a nice rhythm to it and I imagined a character a kind of cross between an Indian guru and a blues singer. So I picked up my guitar ...


Develop Your Rhythmic Feel
Gunharth Randolf

Developing a versatile rhythmic skill and feel is essential for every musician. In this article Guni will introduce you to a practicing method for developing these in an accurate and maybe not so common way.


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