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NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related
Melodic Minor Modes
Brett Garsed

In this lesson, Brett shows you how to utilize the melodic minor scale in a minor blues context - a great way to add some interesting ideas to your blues-playing, whether you are into jazz or rock!


NotationTablatureGuitar related
A conversation with the King Of Heart
Eric Vandenberg

The second part in a series of interviews with german guitar players. This time, I am talking to Abi von Reininghaus. Featuring a bio, soundfiles, an instructional section and more !


NotationGuitar related
Music Notation Basics Part II - Key Signatures & Accidentals
Kirk Fleming

The Music Notation Basics Series provides a foundation in the very basic aspects of written music, hopefully with just a little something more. It is for those members who have asked for material that allows them to start at the beginning.


NotationTablatureGuitar related
Harmony - Chords and Their Symbols Pt.2
Chris Juergensen

The big chords - Pt.2 in this two part series will mostly deal with the big hairy chords that always scared me as a kid. I'll also show you some practical shapes that can be used to make various chords in the last half of this lesson.


NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related
Music Notation Basics Part I - Notes and the Musical Staff
Kirk Fleming

This multi-part Music Notation Basics begins with the basics of music notation, including note names and the relationship of notes to one another and to pitch.


NotationTablatureGuitar related
Harmony - Chords and Their Symbols Pt.1
Chris Juergensen

Chris demonstrates the usage of chord symbols and the construction of chords as commonly used in contemporary music - triads, sus chords, 7th chords, 6th chords, 9th chords, altered, add 9 and 69 chords. He also includes some very useful tips ...


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