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The Half/Whole Diminished Scale
Chris Juergensen

The half/whole diminished scale is what we call a symmetrical scale, based on a repeating pattern of half and whole step intervals. This article will teach you where to use it and how to build chords and lines utilizing it.


Solfege - Part 3
Gunharth Randolf

In Part 3 of our solfege series we will focus on the chromatic scale, ie learning all missing syllables. Based on this we can extend our solfege exercises to cover scales other than major ...


The Most Important Skill That Most Players Don't Have
Tom Hess

So what is the most important skill that most guitarists do not have? Some would claim that it is thorough knowledge of music theory. Others would say that the most important skill is creativity...


Guitar related
The Dumb Tune Game
Mark French

'I play what I hear' is a statement that many aspiring guitarists have heard from players they idolize. A goal worth striving to attain would be the fingers performing sounds which the improvising soloist hears ...


Solfege - Part 2
Gunharth Randolf

Welcome back to Part 2 in our series about Solfege. This time we will focus on diatonic triads, chord progressions and bass lines discovering the useful benefits of Solfege in this area to train your ear ...


Introduction to Solfege
Gunharth Randolf

Solfege is a great system for ear training and developing ones Relative Pitch. Relative Pitch means that you are able to identify relationships between notes and chords in a theoretical and musical way, without actually identifying note names...


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