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Mike Campese
has written 10 articles for iBreatheMusic

GIT-graduate Mike Campese describes himself as an all-around music performer, session artist and teacher competent in many musical styles, electric, and acoustic. He released three CDs, "Total Freedom", "Full Circle" and "Vibe", played on the "Warmth in The Wilderness" album and released an instructional video for ChopsFromHell. Check out Mike's official website Mikecampese.com. You can listen to soundfiles of Mike's work, including clips of the songs from his newest album "Vibe".
Article Title Published Rating
The Melodic Minor Scale12 Dec 088.3
Sweep Picking17 Jul 068.7
Paganini Caprice #16, Part 328 Nov 058.8
Artful Picking13 Apr 058.8
Paganini Caprice #16, Part 213 Oct 048.4
Shred Licks15 Apr 048.2
Developing Scale-Patterns12 Jan 048.6
Arpeggio Ideas26 Jun 039
An Etude05 Mar 038.4
Paganini Caprice #1608 Jan 039.1