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Jamie Andreas
has written 20 articles for iBreatheMusic

The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar by Jamie Andreas, continues to bring the highest acclaim, world renowned as The International Bible For Guitarists. With a straight forward writing style, her tried and true, result oriented guitar book powerfully reveals the correct practice methods, taking the student from the beginning stages to the highest levels of virtuosity. Get 10 free things you can do right now to become a better guitarist! Visit GuitarPrinciples.com
Article Title Published Rating
How To Nail A Solo20 Oct 057.9
Pulling Up The Slack: Mining Your Potential21 Sep 046.5
Scales, who needs them? Why and What For, Anyway?!06 Oct 038.8
Becoming the Music18 Aug 036.5
Climb Every Mountain23 Jun 038.9
Stage Fright: Part Three18 Apr 039.4
Stage Fright: Part Two15 Mar 038.3
Stage Fright: Part One29 Jan 039.2
Get the Juices Flowing10 Jan 038.9
Lost in Time30 Nov 028.6
The Glue of Repetition04 Nov 029.3
Teaching by Travel Brochure14 Oct 028.4
Your Hand is Your Band20 Sep 028.3
Changing Chords07 Sep 027.7
Natural Talent19 Aug 028.7
The Importance of Having a Repertoire07 Aug 029.5
Review is Required!23 Jul 029.3
Your Growth As a Guitarist11 Jul 028.3
The Secret of Speed30 Jun 028.9
Discover Your Discomfort!01 Apr 029.1