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Steve Carter
has written 5 articles for iBreatheMusic

Steve has been performing throughout New England for more than thirty years. He has worked as a sideman with artists ranging from Chicago blues singer Little Walter to song stylists Al Martino and Anna-Maria Alberghetti. During his twenty-five years of teaching guitar at Berklee College of Music, Steve developed his pick-and-finger style playing, borrowing from both jazz and classical music. Visit Steve's website at www.frogstoryrecords.com
Article Title Published Rating
Sight Reading18 Oct 038.8
Gig Journal - July 17, 200201 Aug 029.3
Baba Ghanosh15 Jul 029.6
Gig Journal - June 1, 200217 Jun 028.8
What to Listen for in Your Practicing16 Apr 027.8