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Peter Simms
has written 5 articles for iBreatheMusic

Peter has been a professional musician in the San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey Bay Area for the last 20 years. He played for Recording Studios, Big Bands, Top Forty Bands, Blues Bands, R&B Bands, Jazz Bands, Rock Bands, and Solo Guitar Instrumental Jazz. Now that he lives in Florida, he has concentrated on Solo Instrumental Guitar, and Guitar Education. For more about Peter check out his website at www.petersimms.com
Article Title Published Rating
Guitar Ensemble Construction - An Easy Approach27 Feb 068.4
Chord Melody Construction - Part 216 Aug 058.6
Chord Melody Construction - Part 120 Jul 058.4
Here Comes the Sun05 Nov 039.2
An Introduction to Guitar Chord Melodies02 Sep 038.3