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Chris Juergensen
has written 11 articles for iBreatheMusic

Native New Yorker, long time studio musician and session guitarist Chris Juergensen is in constant demand as a sideman, front man and clinician. He currently divides his time between Tokyo and Los Angeles where he continues to write, record, play and teach at Musicians Institute. He has released three solo CDs to date plus two published instructional books. Visit his website
Article Title Published Rating
The Half/Whole Diminished Scale09 Dec 089
Recording and Releasing Your Own CD03 Oct 058.8
New Ways to Use Pentatonic Scales05 Apr 059.5
Harmony - Chords and Their Symbols Pt.210 Sep 049.5
Harmony - Chords and Their Symbols Pt.123 Apr 049.6
Playing For Life18 Feb 049.1
Harmony - Reaching For The Unreachable19 Jan 049.2
The Shapes of Things to Come01 Dec 039.3
Slash Chords18 Nov 039.6
Step by Step Song Writing Guide20 Aug 039.4
The Poor Man's Guide to Voice Leading08 Jul 039.1