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Article Title Author Published Rating
Meter, Phrase Displacement, Accent Displacement, PolyrhythmJames B Schultz11 Jan 038.1
Get the Juices FlowingJamie Andreas10 Jan 038.9
Paganini Caprice #16Mike Campese08 Jan 039.1
The Most Important Skill That Most Players Don't HaveTom Hess14 Dec 029.1
Paul GilbertEric Vandenberg06 Dec 029.8
Lost in TimeJamie Andreas30 Nov 028.6
One more rant: AttitudeEric Vandenberg22 Nov 028.8
All About Chords, part 1Darrin Koltow20 Nov 028.6
Difficult Picking ExercisesJames B Schultz15 Nov 027.8
Greg Howe- A ProfileEric Vandenberg12 Nov 029.4
Choosing a TeacherTom Hess07 Nov 029.5
The Club Date GuitaristBruce Saunders05 Nov 029
The Glue of RepetitionJamie Andreas04 Nov 029.3
Be Creative !Eric Vandenberg30 Oct 028.4
MotivesBruce Saunders24 Oct 029.5
Johnny Smith Goes Full CircleCharles H. Chapman21 Oct 029.5
Mailbag: Picking / Smoothing It OutEric Vandenberg19 Oct 029.7
Teaching by Travel BrochureJamie Andreas14 Oct 028.4
Good morning, left hand!Eric Vandenberg10 Oct 029.2
Pick ControlCharles H. Chapman09 Oct 026.5
Using Arpeggios to Develop Good LinesJohn Baboian06 Oct 027.8
Damper Pedal GuitarJon Finn01 Oct 027.6
You Didn't Try To Call Me...Eric Vandenberg30 Sep 028.8
The Dumb Tune GameMark French28 Sep 029.1
Your Hand is Your BandJamie Andreas20 Sep 028.3
Picking Etude- The Moto Perpetuo / Perpetual MotionEric Vandenberg18 Sep 029.5
Solfege - Part 2Gunharth Randolf12 Sep 029.8
Two Note Per String Diatonic FormsJames B Schultz10 Sep 026.3
Changing ChordsJamie Andreas07 Sep 027.7
Blues Triad MasteryDarrin Koltow06 Sep 029.3
Break It All Down!Eric Vandenberg31 Aug 029.3
Heavy Metal - The Rhythm GuitarNicolas Meier28 Aug 029.4
Stretch Some More !Eric Vandenberg22 Aug 029.8
Natural TalentJamie Andreas19 Aug 028.7
Thematic Improvisation Part 2Matt Butler14 Aug 026.1
Shred Talk !Eric Vandenberg12 Aug 029.5
Triads - The First ChordsGunharth Randolf10 Aug 029.3
Moving From The Familiar To The Unfamiliar IV Hybrid ScalesJames B Schultz09 Aug 025.4
The Importance of Having a RepertoireJamie Andreas07 Aug 029.5
The Art Of Picking Part 3- AppendixEric Vandenberg05 Aug 029.7
Gig Journal - July 17, 2002Steve Carter01 Aug 029.3
The Art Of Picking Part 2Eric Vandenberg30 Jul 029.9
Voice-leadingBret Willmott27 Jul 028.4
Thematic Improvisation Part 1Matt Butler25 Jul 029.1
Review is Required!Jamie Andreas23 Jul 029.3
Introduction to SolfegeGunharth Randolf20 Jul 029
The Art Of Picking Part 1Eric Vandenberg18 Jul 029.3
Baba GhanoshSteve Carter15 Jul 029.6
The Whammy Bar (Basics & Weird Effects)Eric Vandenberg13 Jul 029.5
Your Growth As a GuitaristJamie Andreas11 Jul 028.3

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