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Article Title Author Published Rating
Chord Melody Construction - Part 2Peter Simms16 Aug 058.6
Chord Melody Construction - Part 1Peter Simms20 Jul 058.4
Creativity and Expression - Part 2Tom Hess10 Jun 048.3
Creativity and Expression - Part 1Tom Hess24 Mar 048.1
Climb Every MountainJamie Andreas23 Jun 038.9
Chord Scales - Part 3: More ScalesGunharth Randolf12 Apr 039.8
Chord Scales - Part 2: ModesGunharth Randolf09 Apr 039.7
Chord Scales - Part 1: The Major ScaleGunharth Randolf07 Apr 039.5
Choosing a TeacherTom Hess07 Nov 029.5
Changing ChordsJamie Andreas07 Sep 027.7