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Article Title Author Published Rating
Melodic Minor ModesBrett Garsed14 Apr 099.6
11 Mistakes Guitar Players Make and How To Avoid ThemTom Hess06 Apr 096.1
How To Practice Guitar With A Limited Amount Of TimeTom Hess18 Dec 088
The Melodic Minor ScaleMike Campese12 Dec 088.3
The Half/Whole Diminished ScaleChris Juergensen09 Dec 089
A conversation with the King Of HeartEric Vandenberg06 Dec 0810
Fixing Mistakes and Improving Problem AreasDavid Carr12 Nov 068.3
Open your MindSven Stichter19 Sep 068.7
Sweep PickingMike Campese17 Jul 068.7
Shred Talk 2 - Code Of PerfectionEric Vandenberg24 Jun 069.9
Tapping Part 1Eric Vandenberg03 Apr 069.1
Plans Are NOT GoalsTom Hess02 Mar 068.4
Guitar Ensemble Construction - An Easy ApproachPeter Simms27 Feb 068.4
Thomas Blug - A ProfileEric Vandenberg23 Feb 069.6
Why Scales? Why Patterns?James B Schultz30 Nov 057.8
Paganini Caprice #16, Part 3Mike Campese28 Nov 058.8
How To Nail A SoloJamie Andreas20 Oct 057.9
Recording and Releasing Your Own CDChris Juergensen03 Oct 058.8
Most of you are totally out of balance?Tom Hess07 Sep 059.2
Modal PentatonicsEric Vandenberg25 Aug 059
Chord Melody Construction - Part 2Peter Simms16 Aug 058.6
Chord Melody Construction - Part 1Peter Simms20 Jul 058.4
Music School 101Matthew Hill14 May 056.5
Artful PickingMike Campese13 Apr 058.8
New Ways to Use Pentatonic ScalesChris Juergensen05 Apr 059.5
Rock Guitar Improvisation by Brett GarsedEric Vandenberg31 Mar 057.3
Don't forget about songsEric Vandenberg02 Mar 059.2
Studio Guitarists Survival GuideSven Stichter11 Jan 059.3
ArpeggiosDavid Bohorquez05 Jan 055.4
Music Notation Basics Part II - Key Signatures & AccidentalsKirk Fleming28 Oct 049.2
Paganini Caprice #16, Part 2Mike Campese13 Oct 048.4
Pulling Up The Slack: Mining Your PotentialJamie Andreas21 Sep 046.5
Harmony - Chords and Their Symbols Pt.2Chris Juergensen10 Sep 049.5
Broaden Up Your Reach!!David Bohorquez23 Aug 043.9
For Love or Money?Tom Hess19 Aug 047.8
Improvising with Exotic Scales - Part 3Jorge Fernando Maldonado12 Aug 048.3
Music Notation Basics Part I - Notes and the Musical StaffKirk Fleming26 Jun 049.4
Creativity and Expression - Part 2Tom Hess10 Jun 048.3
Master Theory Class Part 2 - Ionian #5Paul Nelson07 Jun 048.9
Harmony - Chords and Their Symbols Pt.1Chris Juergensen23 Apr 049.6
Music Schools Part 1 - GITEric Vandenberg19 Apr 049.3
Shred LicksMike Campese15 Apr 048.2
Scales Scales Scales (Part 2)Eric Vandenberg26 Mar 049.2
Creativity and Expression - Part 1Tom Hess24 Mar 048.1
Playing For LifeChris Juergensen18 Feb 049.1
Scales Scales Scales (Part 1)Eric Vandenberg09 Feb 049.5
Why Aren't You a Better Guitarist?Tom Hess30 Jan 049.7
Heavier Than HellTroy Stetina26 Jan 047.2
The Tritone, Substitution, Cycle 4James B Schultz22 Jan 048.1
Harmony - Reaching For The UnreachableChris Juergensen19 Jan 049.2

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