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Paganini Caprice #16


Well, I just want to say that I had the opportunity to play with Yngwie again for the second time. That inspired me to show you a excerpt from Paganini's Caprice #16.

I've always been a fan of Paganini. This is one of my Favorite pieces. I transcribed it from the Violin and have been playing it for years and it is great for your chops and harmony knowledge.

The Caprice is based out of the G Harmonic Minor Scale.( G,A,Bb,C,D,Eb,F# )

The first 3 Bars is all G Harmonic Minor. Notice Bar 4: on the second beat we have a G7 Arpeggio.(G,B,D,F)

Then we resolve to Cm. (C,Eb,G), which is the IV Chord in G min. Then we move down to F7 (F,A,C,Eb), resolving to Bb Major (Bb,D,F) in Bar 6.

In bar 7, we have a Pedal Point run. Then, in bar 8 we climb down a D7 arpeggio (D,F#,A,C). We are moving between two scales here, G Harmonic Minor and G Min Scale (G,A,Bb,C,D,Eb,F). There's only a one note-difference between the two Scales, which gives us some different chords by changing one note.

This piece is put together so beautifully. It lies nicely across the fretboard, so don´t forget to alternate-pick when you play this piece.

Have Fun!!!

Click HERE to hear Mike play a slow version of the Caprice

Click HERE to hear Mike play a fast version of the Caprice

Click HERE to download a Powertab-version of Mike´s arrangement of the piece...

About the Author
GIT-graduate Mike Campese describes himself as an all-around music performer, session artist and teacher competent in many musical styles, electric, and acoustic. He released three CDs, "Total Freedom", "Full Circle" and "Vibe", played on the "Warmth in The Wilderness" album and released an instructional video for ChopsFromHell. Check out Mike's official website Mikecampese.com. You can listen to soundfiles of Mike's work, including clips of the songs from his newest album "Vibe".

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