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Yet another rant: Making It...

Wow, how odd... I wrote two "rants" so far. I called them rants cuz I couldn't think of a better description, because I always doubted that they would be of interest to you guys. After all, the stuff I talked about in them was not rock-solid information and advice (like collections of licks), but rather general stuff. When talking about topics like that, it's tough to narrow it down to strict rules or advice.

Anyway, I was usually thinking "Man, should I really send this one to Guni for him to publish it, after all it's so much general stuff..." But you guys actually seemed to like them a lot. And wrote quite a few emails to me regarding those two articles. Also, some of you asked for even more stuff like that, and so here is my third rant, kinda building on the other two.

The question from some of you was "Can you elaborate a bit on the "making it" part, on becoming a professional".
Ok, let's get to it then...

First of all, "making it" can be defined in many different ways. If you define it as "selling a billion records, making a gazillion bucks, owning 375 vintage guitars and a few Porsches", you can stop reading now. Cuz there is no recipe for that, and not many people really "make it" in the music biz then.

But I have a different definition for making it. I consider "making it" being a professional, making a living playing music. Whether that is with a band, as a solo-artist, or as an instrumentalist / hired gun, well, it applies to all those possibilities.

Let's settle for this definition for now, ok?
Ok! Well, even if we define "making it" as described above, there is no recipe that'll work for sure. But I might be able to give you some advice to help you to get there. This involves not only a lot of work, it also needs a bit of luck. So again: this is no "No Failure", bullet-proof method.

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