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Heavy Metal - The Rhythm Guitar

2 years ago, when iBreatheMusic was still called Guitar4u, we produced several small E-Books. "Heavy Metal - Rhythm Guitar" was one of them and many thanks to Nick for making this article available again.

So what's this 8.6MB download about... ?

"Heavy Metal - The Rhythm Guitar" is a highly comprehensive guide aimed to give you a firm understanding of the different aspects involved in creating your own 'kick-ass' riffs.

It does this by providing you with 55 pages (PDF) of instruction (including notation) in conjunction with 60 high quality Real Audio files of riffs and exercises and 30 Midi files to help you actively improve your skills.

Quick instructions...

Ok, so ya gotta download the file and unzip it. Open HeavyRhy.pdf in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Midi examples starting with example number 21 can be triggered by either clicking on the number itself, eg Ex.21 or a corresponding sub-letter, eg Ex.21 a. Acrobat Reader will ask you if it's ok to open this file with your default midi player. Just select yes.

By clicking on the little speaker icons starting with Ex.39 Real Audio Player will open automatically and play the sound files (You might quickly need to download a small codec file to get that working).

In case you don't have one of the applications here's a quick link list:
Acrobat Reader
Real Player (look for Free RealOne Player)
and if needed WinZip (to extract the file)

All right. That's it. Have fun and let us know in the forums what you think about Nick's article.

Warning!!! 8.6 MB of pure Metal ahead - This may take a while to download.

Download Heavy Metal - The Rhythm Guitar


About the Author
Nicolas was born in Switzerland in 1973. He started to study guitar at the Conservatory of Fribourg when he was 12 years old. For three years he lived in Boston, where he got a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music. In Boston Nicolas formed the 'Meier Group'. In November 1995 the first CD 'Solitude' was recorded and three years later the second CD '7 la vie'. Currently Nicolas is living in London (UK) where he does studio work and performs with different bands.

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