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Two Note Per String Diatonic Forms

Introduction to Two Note per String Forms

Guni has mentioned the compass method of playing in different directions on the fingerboard. Most scale forms follow West to East or across the fingerboard, from lowest to highest(CAGED or Three note per string). Some elongated versions usually go NorthWest to SouthEast, from lowest to highest(Octave Type or 4 note per string). Two note per string forms go South West to NorthEast, from lowest to highest.

In my studies I found that there were some phrases that I could not execute with the standard patterns (I was actually trying to execute phrases from the nutcracker suite). So in my quest to exhaust all the possible (practical) fingering patterns I came up with 2 note per string forms. I'll use that term since I had not seen them before, I'm sure someone else thought of this (though probably not a violinist since they tune in fifths).


These exercises really challenged my picking.
Two Note Per String Picking Exercises

Mordent Exercise

I started to experiment with phrases that lay nicely for this form. Mostly mordent type exercises on the GBE string grouping.

Harmonic Minor Mordent Type Exercise With Normal Accents for Triplets

This is identical to the above line but in duple meter.

Harmonic Minor Mordent Type Exercise With Normal 16th Type Accents

Accent Displacement

Now the really cool thing I figured out from these was because they were 12 note long runs, and 3x4=12, you could play these as triplets or as sixteenth notes or interchange the accents. So if you read my posts on Accent displacement, you will recognize these last two. These are exactly the same exercises as above but with the accents changed from duple to triple or from triple to duple.

Harmonic Minor Mordent Type Exercise With 16th Type Accents over Triplets

This is identical to the above line but in duple meter.

Harmonic Minor Mordent Type Exercise With Triplet Accents over 16th Notes

Nuno Lick

Not too long after that, I learned the lead solo from "Extreme's" "Do you Wanna Play" and applied this concept to it.

Extreme (Nuno) Do You Wanna Play [the way I play it]


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