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Shred Talk !

A conversation with guitar virtuoso Thorsten Koehne

It´s been a while since I first met Thorsten Koehne. I had heard of him and knew that he was an awesome player. Since I was planning on organizing some concerts ( this turned into the upcoming Guitar Summit 2002 ), I got in touch with Thorsten, and we decided to meet up, just to jam and get to know each other.

Thorsten Koehne

I was immediately impressed by his technical abilities and his ideas. Thorsten definitely is an amazing player, and technically right up there with some of our influences, such as Paul Gilbert, Joey Tafolla etc.

And so we spent several afternoons jamming, talking guitars, preparing the Summit. It definitely is fun to hang out with a player who´s a shred-head just like I am, and it sure keeps me on my toes... it´s interesting to listen to Thorsten and to see how he does it.
And he has become a good friend, too.

So, since I wrote a bunch of articles about topics such as fast picking, I figured "Why not introduce Thorsten to the visitors of Ibreathe ? After all, he´s a fantastic player, and he sure does have a bunch of awesome licks to share."

And I am sure that it will be interesting for many of you to read about his work with Demon Drive ( the band he is in, led by Michael Voss ( Ex-Casanova, Ex-Mad Max... ), his opinions and stories about the upcoming, new DD-album "Four Play !", and of course, guitars, his development as a player etc.

So we sat down with a guitar ( Thorsten is a Dean-Endorser and brought a beautiful Dean Les Paul-copy ), an amp ( my Laney Chrome-O-Zone combo ), a mini disc-recorder, and started talking.

I hope this will be interesting for all of you... at the end, Thorsten gave away some mind-boggling licks, which you can hear as MP3´s, too. So, here we go...

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Thorsten has a rather unusual way of playing. He is a left-handed player, but he puts on the strings "upside down". That means, he is using a regular left-hand guitar and has the high E-string where usually the low one is located... the way Albert King had his guitars set-up.

That way, Thorsten can just grab any right hand guitar and play on that, too. It is quite confusing to watch him play, but he can nail all the stuff you play on a regular guitar... bar chords, basic chords, sweeps etc. Keep that in mind, cuz I´ll be referring to that during our talk, and you´ll hear him play some of his favorite licks later...

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