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Stretch Some More !

Wrecking Ball and Rainy Night

OK, on this last page I´d like to show you two cool parts from actual compositions... well, kind of...

"Wrecking Ball"

"Wrecking Ball" is an awesome, light-speed-solo by Joey Tafolla. It was recorded for the "Infra Blue"-record. In this solo, Joey used two of his trademarks... the stretch pentatonic and chromatics. I previously did a transcription of the whole thing, and here is one example which is very much in the style of what Joey played in "Wrecking Ball"... it kinda combines many of the things you can do with the s.p.

Here it is... a neckbreaking lick a la Joey Tafolla´s "Wrecking Ball"...

This one has a lot of leaps, position shifts and the aforementioned "tap-slide". Check out Joey´s "Infra Blue"- and "Plastic"-albums for more examples of his awesome style...

"Rainy Night ( Missing You )"

OK, finally it´s time for another shameless plug *grin*. As you might know already, I´m currently working on an instrumental album called "Talking Hands". The finished album will feature a ballad called "Rainy Night ( Missing You )".

It´s a quite melodic tune, but throughout two of the verses and the uptempo-passage I kinda cut loose on the solos, using some pretty wild, fast licks as a musical contrast to the rather slow melodies that are the core of the tune.

I used to play an early version of this tune during some of my workshops a while ago ( the solos on the recorded version will be pretty similar to the solos I played back then, though ), and during the third verse I played what you see here:

Click HERE to hear a MIDI-version of this

In the TAB you see both the rhythm guitar ( lower staff... arpeggiated chords ) and the solo I used to play ( upper staff ).

In bar 1 ( of 4 ) I play the ascending run I showed in Part 1 of my s.p.-articles. I use lots of hammer-ons, and the string-skipping involved made it difficult to get this up to speed... but it´s a great opener for a solo.

In bar 2 I play a tapping-lick on the high E-string, then I descend again in bar 3, using a tapping lick similar to the first two licks in this article.
Finally, in bar 4 I do have some double-stops to finish off that section of the solo. ( I incorporated the C here, which is actually not part of the G major pentatonic )

Alright, I hope you liked those examples, and maybe you got some cool new ideas from those. Be creative and try to incorporate the s.p. a bit into your playing... it´s a cool tool beyond your regular modes, and it´s fun to create some licks with it.

"Rainy Night ( Missing You )" written by Eric Vandenberg.
© 2001 Talking Hands Music

About the Author
Eric started playing the guitar at age 10. He attended GIT and studied with Scott Henderson, Brett Garsed, Dan Gilbert amo. Eric is involved in several bands and recording projects and his instrumental debut - Hidden Creek - plus his instructional book Talking Hands - A Guide To Contemporary Lead Guitar Techniques is available HERE
Visit his website at www.ericvandenberg.net

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