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Stretch Some More !

Licks, Licks, Licks !

Alrighty, here are the difficult ones. Maybe you worked your way through the ones in my first article about the stretch-pentatonic. I hope you liked those. I use them a lot actually, and I think they sound really cool. What I like about this scale is that you get a totally different sound than the one you might be used to from the pentatonic scale...

When I was introduced to the concept of the stretch-pentatonic, I was kinda bored of the same old natural minor- and harmonic minor licks that I used to play back then. The s.p. definitely got me out of that rut, and it gave me a bunch of ideas to create nice licks.

So here are some more licks... check them out... get inspired by them to create your own nice licks, and try to incorporate this kinda stuff into your playing...

The lick above is another one of my favorites. It includes tapping, which makes it a bit easier for you, since you don´t have to stretch your left hand that far... you gotta tap the top notes on each string. This really is a cool-sounding lick, at least in my opinion. I used to make up licks similar to this one before I knew the s.p. Back then, I just memorized two adjacent patterns of the stretch-pentatonic, and played in one with my right hand, while my left hand was fretting notes from the lower pattern.

When I learned patterns of the stretch-pentatonic, it got easier ( at least for me ), cuz I just had to memorize one pattern of the stretch pentatonic ( as opposed of two from the regular pentatonic )... just tapped the top note on each string.

Of course, after a while, you have every pattern memorized, but when you´re improvising, you wanna keep it simple and you don´t wanna think too much. So thinking in one s.p.-pattern made it way easier for me.

In the licks in the first article, we had a lot of string-skipping going on, to compliment and emphasize the cool, leaping sound of the s.p.
The same is happening here... we skip the string in between and get a cool, quite dramatic-sounding lick...

Alrighty, here is the next one:

This one is quite similar, but we repeat each three-note pattern. This shouldn´t be too hard and sounds really cool, especially once you speed it up.
I didn´t include the Tap-symbols, because I recommend you play this in different versions... first, tap the first note, then pick those notes instead. Decide which one you prefer and which is easier to play... the version with picking demands big stretches of the left hand, be careful with those !

Lick No. 3:

This one is quite similar to one of the licks I showed you in Part I... this time we include a cute little trick that guys like Paul Gilbert and Joey Tafolla use(d to use ) quite a bit:
We tap the highest note, then we slide the right hand finger up to the next note, and slide back again. This is followed by a pull off to the left hand again.
The little tap / slide creates a pretty wild little sound, very fluid. Sounds great at high-speed...

OK, turn the page for more cool examples...

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