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2 Picking Exercises

Introduction and Exercise 1


Here are two more exercises Steve gave away a while ago. There have been some copies to be found on several guitar-related website. We republished them here with Steve´s personal permission. I added some commentary and transferred the transcriptions into TAB / Notation. Enjoy... EV

Arpeggio Workout

This little workout will help you to improve the synchronisation of your two hands. The difficult part is the constantly changing fingering patterns and the fact that you have to cross the strings a lot.

Use constant alternate picking throughout. Once you can nail this workout, try to start it with an upstroke and again, work on it till it sounds good. Start out slowly, get used to the different picking- and fingering-patterns.

You might wanna include this workout into your regular practising-schedule. If you do, try to apply it to different modes as well !

Make sure you play it all the way through and continue down again !

Ok, are you ready for an awesome picking workout ?... well, then all you gotta do is turn the page...

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