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String Skipping

Hi everyone. This lesson serves as an introduction to the idea of string skipping. This is by no means an exclusive tool, indeed its best applications are usually tied in with sweeps, tapping, alternate-picking and loads of other things. Most of the material here is not intended, in itself, to be used in a musical sense, but to develop the technique. Although this is a foundation in skipping, some of the exercises would be considered a handful for most players. Don't lose hope!

Ok, to start with, I have included some fairly basic warm-ups, that should get the muscles loosened, and are relevant to the later skipping exercises.

String Skipping Exercise 1

Theoretically this isn't a 'skip' but it is a good warm-up!

this should be very even and uniform before continuing.

String Skipping Exercise 2

This is also a warm-up

both exercise 1 and 2 should be played on all strings with the fretting structure changed and all finger combinations used.

String Skipping Exercise 3

This is a natural extension to ex1 for 'real' skipping.

String Skipping Exercise 4

Then a further extension for all the strings (Great warm-up exercise!). Picking is straight alternate picking as above.

String Skipping Exercise 5

This similarly, is an extension of ex2.

String Skipping Exercise 6

This is the converse of ex4.

String Skipping Exercise 7 >>