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Develop Your Rhythmic Feel


Based on the 2 and 4 exercise we now start to switch between subdivisions of our basic beat. The example below moves from quarter notes to 8th notes to triplets to 16ths. While metronome and feet stay on 2 and 4, voice and hands play the subdivision. First I suggest that you practice each line separately to get a feel for the rhythm. Then move up the list and back down. Also, practice switching from each single subdivision into another and back, eg 8th notes to 16th notes and back. Set the metronome to 40.

quarter notes

eighth notes

8th notes triplets

sixteenth notes

How are you doing? This is really not that easy to do but hang in there and take your time with this. The nice thing about this exercise is that you can practice this anywhere: on the street, while walking or on the bus - for quite some time I carried a metronome around with me wherever I went - it had a headphone out and whenever I had the chance I did some exercises (not to mention the odd looks I got from that old lady....)

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