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16th Grooves

The following exercises are based on Tom’s book “Reading Contemporary Guitar Rhythms” (Berklee Press / Hal Leonard).

Exercise 1


a) Ex.1a - 72 bpm

b) Ex.1b - 72 bpm

c) Ex.1c - 72 bpm

Exercise 2


a) Ex.2a - 60 bpm

b) Ex.2b - 60 bpm

c) Ex.2c - 60 bpm

d) Ex.2d - 60 bpm


About the Author
Tom has been a faculty member at Berklee College of Music since 1970. He is a major contributor to the guitar department by teaching classes like "The Complete Rhythm Guitarist" and "Reading Contemporary Guitar Rhythms". He is an experienced theater, studio, jazz, and pop musician. Tom has performed with numerous well known musicians and entertainers, including Gladys Knight, Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis and Patti LaBelle. Tom is the author of "Reading Contemporary Guitar Rhythms".

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