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Shred Talk 2 - Code Of Perfection

I am sure you have read part 1 of the "Shred Talk" (if not, check it out HERE).

Ever since, Thorsten has been very busy, and I am sure you have heard about the debut album of his band Code Of Perfection. The album's in stores now, and it's called "Last Exit For The Lost".

Shortly after the release, we sat down in his office to have another Shred Talk. And as usual, it was a load of fun. In addition to the interview, we prepared an elaborate lesson with a load of cool licks from the album, plus soundfiles.

So without further ado (and another reminder to check out "Shred Talk!" Part One if you haven't yet, let's jump right in!)

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Code Of Perfection Website
Thorsten's website:
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Limb music

"Last Exit For The Lost" is the debut by Code Of Perfection. The band consists of Thorsten Koehne (all guitars), japanese bassist Keisuke Nishimoto and former Demon Drive-drummer Frank Kraus.

Also featured were several guest musicians, like vocalist Carsten "Lizard" Schulz, keyboard-player Ferdy Doernberg, and Michael Angelo and Alex Beyrodt on guitars.

The album combines instrumental tunes and vocal-tracks, and it's quite a wild ride (you may think I am biased, but I was seriously blown away by this CD). From great songwriting, memorable hooklines to complete shred-mania, there's a whole lot of stuff to wrap your ear around here.

So I took some notes and headed to Thorsten's apartment to pick his brain on the album and how it came together...

The Interview >>