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Thomas Blug - A Profile


In about 1995 or 96, I first discovered Thomas Blug in a German guitar mag. After reading an interview with him, plus a review of his "The Beauty Of Simplicity" album, I was immediately curious to hear some of his music. So I ordered his album and was very very impressed.

The album was full of memorable hooklines, great solos and... awesome guitar tones. I knew from the interview that he had that beat-up looking '61 Strat, and suddenly all those rumors about well-worn vintage guitars didn´t seem so mythical anymore.

Whenever he released a new album, I ordered it. With every Thomas Blug-CD, I was impressed with some really great songwriting, great playing and that killer tone. I also saw him conduct workshops and showcases at some tradeshows, but unfortunately I didn´t get make contact.

Recently, after checking out his newest album ( a live-recording, which also is available as a DVD ), I got in touch with him. I also noticed that a lot of people were spreading the word about him on the internet ( I guess it helps to win the „Stratplayer Of The Year Award“ by Fender ), and guitar-freaks from all over the world apparently hear about Thomas by word-of-mouth ( well-deserved, I´d say ! ).

So here it is, as a belated x-mas gift: an iBreathe special about Thomas Blug !
Oh, and by the way: there are several TB-songs on the playlist of the „iBreathe radio stream“, so you can listen to some tunes there as well ! ( LINK )


Thomas has released 4 solo albums ( one of them being a live-recording, which also is available as a DVD ), and has been kept very busy as a session-musician. He has recorded guitar tracks for other artists, such as Uwe Ochsenknecht and the No Angels, and also been touring with acts like Tic Tac Toe ( one of the most popular pop/rap acts in Germany during the mid 90s ). He's also recorded jingles and soundtracks. He received the "best german rock-pop guitarist" in 1997, and was called the "Strat king of Europe" by Fender. He is also involved in product research and development with Hughes and Kettner ( which most of you will have heard of ! ).

Thomas has been involved in several other projects which we´ll discuss in the interview, so I guess you can tell that he´s a very busy guy.

For more info, check out his website, Guitarplayer.de

On that website, you can also purchase full MP3s of all his solo-releases in the website-shop, so if you do have a credit card, there´s no excuse anymore to NOT have a Thomas Blug-album !

Selected Discograpy:

Solo releases:
"The Beauty Of Simplicity" 1996
"Electric Gallery" 1998
"21st Century Guitar" 2002
"Guitar From The Heart – Live in Raalte NL" ( CD & DVD ) 2005

with others, as a session-musician:
"In Your Mind" - No Angels ( No. 1 Single Charts Germany )
"To Be Freed" - Hazel O´Connor
"Metamorphosis" - Culture Beat
"We Do Ya" - Black Eyed Blonde
"Pop" Purple Schulz
"O-Ton" - Uwe Ochsenknecht

For more details, check out Guitarplayer.de

All soundfiles are being used here with the exclusive permission of Mr. Blug

Main theme of "I'll be there" from "Beauty Of Simplicity"
Main theme of "Visions" from "Beauty Of Simplicity"
Solo of "Visions"
Solo of "Longing" from "Electric Gallery"
Clip from "Supersonic" from "21st Century Guitar"
Clip from "Love Crimes" from "Guitar From The Heart ( live )"

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