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Blues - Rock Licks II

Welcome to part 2 of my series about Blues & Rock Licks and another six examples.

Ex1: This one sounds pretty cool when you play it with a bit of an edge. It is part of the E - Blues scale. Make sure that you can play it by heart and then try to expand this line with some of your own ideas.


Ex2: This particular lick here incorporates some string bending. You have to put your 3. finger on the 2.string 5.fret, bend it a whole tone and keep the string bend. Then place your 4.finger on the 1.string 5.fret and play the note while the previous note is still ringing. You then release the strings and move up two frets and do the same thing again.


This one sounds pretty country like. It involves playing "double stops". Sounds quite mysterious, but isn't. It simply means that you play two notes at the same time.

Ex3: The first bar sounds rather Chuck Berry like. Try as well to repeat the first bar several times and then finish it off with the 2.bar.


Ex4: This line is done with the E Bluesscale. The first bar might seem a bit tricky with the bending and the pull-off. Just play it very slowly. You start off with playing the pitch of A with your 3.finger while you are bending it a semitone, you then release this note without attacking the string. After this you pull off the note and you are there.


Ex5: It's just a C7 arpeggio with a bit of embellishment. How you construct arpeggios we look at in one of my future articles. An arpeggio simply means that you play the notes of this particular chord one after the other instead in one hit.


Ex.: 6 Last but not least a lick with the Cmajor pentatonic with a slip in the Cminor pentatonic in the 1.beat.


Again these lines sound cool in a rock or blues context. Pick the licks you like and learn them by heart. Make them your own. If you have trouble learning the entire lick, don't worry and take just as much as you can digest. And if it's only two beats? - So be it. The important thing is that you've got something out of your practice session. You improve more by learning two beats, which you can remember the next day than by just messing around and not remembering anything. Try to extend the lines by connecting them with other ideas and see what happens. Play them with and without distortion. Most of all have fun with them.

In part III we will connect some of the lines and use them in a Blues solo so that you can enjoy the stuff you've learned so far in a practical situation.

That's all for this time. Have fun with it and I will see you the next time.

May your picks be with you.


Sound Recordings by Gunharth Randolf

About the Author
Born in Offenburg, Germany, Meinrad started out studying Classical guitar at the age of 14. Soon he developed an interest in electric guitar and by playing in different Blues and Rock bands he became an experienced performer. After graduating from the Munich Guitar Institute he went to LA to study at the GIT. Currently, Meinrad is living in the London area where he is a demanded session musician and guitar instructor. Visit Meinrad's website.

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