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Here Comes the Sun

I put together a very easy Chord Melody for beginning to intermediate students. Think about which fingers to use to play your notes. Common sense will guide you.

I provided a chord chart to help you work out the fingerings. The whole song was built with 4 chords. Fingering these chords will make it easier to hold notes longer, and create a "richer" sound.

This should be a lot of fun, and not take a long time to learn. Once you get it into your fingers, play it the way you "want to hear it"... you will be surprised on how much better it will sound... add .. delete .. change some rhythm.. what ever it takes to make it better. "If it sounds good... keep it ... If it sounds bad ... change it"

Below is the:
1) Lead Sheet Guitar
2) Arrangement (Chord Melody)
3) Chord Chart

Listen to the Midi File of the Chord Melody: "Click Here"



1) Lead Sheet

2) Arrangement (Chord Melody)

3) Chord Chart


About the Author
Peter has been a professional musician in the San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey Bay Area for the last 20 years. He played for Recording Studios, Big Bands, Top Forty Bands, Blues Bands, R&B Bands, Jazz Bands, Rock Bands, and Solo Guitar Instrumental Jazz. Now that he lives in Florida, he has concentrated on Solo Instrumental Guitar, and Guitar Education. For more about Peter check out his website at www.petersimms.com

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