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Triads in the Diminished Scale

The Main Idea

The main idea I want to show you is that the diminished scale is full of major and minor triads.

half-whole tone

whole-half tone

In this way diminished scales can be used to play “in” and “out” of a key but you have to remember some points:

  • A major triad is a stronger sound than a minor triad. All examples are using major triads so that the effect is more efficient.

  • The complete triad has to be played to get the effect.

  • It is better to play strongly inside before using the triads, meaning using chord tones, scale, or pentatonics...

  • The examples have to be played quickly.

ex 1) using one triad


ex 2) using one triad


ex 3) using two triads


ex 4) using three triads


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